Big Boy Cheng Custom

Big Boy Cheng Custom

We recently had the honor of customizing a pair of sneakers for the one and only Big Boy Cheng, featuring the beloved Milky Peko Chan theme, which happens to be one of his favorites! The custom sneakers were unveiled at Sneakercon SEA, where they stole the spotlight and captured the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts and Peko Chan fans alike.

The design of the sneakers pays homage to both Milky, the creamy candy loved by many, and Peko Chan, the iconic mascot known for her playful antics. The sneakers feature a vibrant color scheme inspired by Milky's packaging, with soft blues and whites dominating the upper. Peko Chan is beautifully embroidered on the shoe tongue, adding a touch of whimsy and charm.

To make Peko Chan truly pop, we replaced the traditional sneaker tongue and tag with fabric featuring her adorable likeness. This unique detail not only adds depth to the design but also showcases our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

We are thrilled that Big Boy Cheng loved the custom sneakers. It was a true pleasure bringing his favorite character to life on a pair of sneakers, and we look forward to creating more unique and inspiring designs in the future.

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